Junk Pearl River Care Cream

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  • DSCHUNKE pearl flow care cream, in airless spray bottle, 200 ml (Z.100.0226) DSCHUNKE pearl flow care cream, in airless spray bottle, 200 ml (Z.100.0226)

    DSCHUNKE pearl flow care cream, in airless spray bottle, 200 ml (Z.100.0226)

    Junk Pearl River Care Cream in Airless Spray Bottle 200ml.A refreshing and gently nourishing natural cream for the whole body - including the face. It lies delicately nourishing on the skin and is neutral in odor (without perfume). Dschunkes Pearl River Nourishing Cream is paraphrased by its inventor Professor Zao from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine as follows: "Slightly cool, move and harmonize the Qi, thus calming the body, but refreshing the mind and consciousness. Purify the tissues at the same time and promote new cell growth." Four high-quality natural ingredients in the Pearl River Natural Formula are responsible for its versatile use: 1. saltwater pearl is one of the oldest and also most mysterious remedies in all of Asia. It promotes the formation of new skin cells, so it rejuvenates the skin and cleanses it at the same time. 2. jojoba oil was already used by the Indians for intensive skin care and called "liquid gold". Actually, it is not an oil, but a liquid wax. Therefore, it easily penetrates to lower layers of the skin. Among other things, it can heal inflammation from the inside. In the meantime, it is also known that it protects against sunburn and helps with psoriasis and eczema. 3. aloe vera cools and nourishes the skin. It improves skin circulation and is often used for minor wounds, burns and neurodermatitis.4. licorice soothes hectic skin, repairs it and stops inflammation. Because of its soothing nature, it is ideal for sensitive skin and baby skin. Protects the skin from frost in winter and soothes in summer after sunbathing (après-soleil). A multi-talent! Applications: for highly sensitive skin for dry or itchy skin support of skin therapies skin care for bedsores reflex zone massage (face, feet, hands, ears) meridian massage and other energetic massages as après-soleil

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