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    HerbaChaud 3000 - TDP heat lamp HerbaChaud 3000 - TDP heat lamp

    HerbaChaud CQ 36 HerbaChaud 3000 - TDP heat lamp

    HerbaChaud 3000 - TDP Infrared Mineral Heat Therapy Lamp A modern combination of the millennia-old power of the earth (minerals) and the sun (heat) The patented, CE approved TDP electromagnetic heat therapy lamp was developed in China by a group of scientists and physicists. It went through hundreds of tests in research institutes, clinics and universities in China. Unlike conventional infrared and heat lamps, HerbaChaud 3000 - Mineral Heat Lamp has a round plate (diameter 166mm), which is coated with 33 natural minerals that have beneficial effects on the human body and release Qi blockages. How does the HerbaChaud 3000 - mineral heat lamp work? The HerbaChaud 3000 infrared therapy lamp has a plate coated with a proprietary mineral formulation of 33 different minerals (elements). When activated by the integrated heating element, this mineral plate emits a specific spectrum of electromagnetic waves (light) in the wavelength range of 2 to 22 microns and 25 mw/sq. Mm of intensity. Intended use - When to use the HerbaChaud 3000 - mineral heat lampat? The HerbaChaud 3000 - Minerals Heat Lamp is particularly easy to use, as there is no need for gel or electrostimulation and the device can be used through clothing or directly on the skin. Good results are also obtained when heating deeper body tissues.The positive effects include reduced joint stiffness, increased blood vessel dilation (vasodilation), relief of muscle spasm, sprains and ligament strains. The effect is achieved through improved local blood circulation and increased lymphatic and nervous system activity. The device uses an infrared source that emits energy in the infrared spectrum for local heating, increases tissue temperature, temporarily increases blood circulation, and temporarily relieves muscle and joint pain and stiffness. Simply place the device's heating probe on the surface of bare skin or on the area of the body to be treated, hands, legs, knees, shoulders, etc. for the following purpose: Relief of painful edema relief of joint, muscle and bone pain alleviation of muscle aches and cramps Improved microcirculation The particular duration of treatment varies from patient to patient, as people respond differently to therapy on an individual basis. We recommend experimenting a bit with the device to find out the optimal treatment method in each case. The treatments described here are for reference purposes only. For specific complaints, please consult your physician. Times should be taken as approximations and can be adjusted to suit your own needs. The HerbaChaud 3000 - Mineral Heat Lamp has a built-in digital timer that can be used to set the desired treatment time. - The digital timer has a cumulative timing feature to check the accumulated operating time to alert the user how long the lamp has been in operation cumulatively. - An open protective metal mesh cover provides protection and avoids accidental contact with the hot plate.- Extension arm provides a wide range of lifting and extension distances for lamphead stability.- Five feet with dual caster bases for increased stability and to reduce the risk of tipping. Color stand and head: lime green, color base: black 2 years factory warranty, German instruction manual, 2 spare fuses Approval: The TDP lamp has been CE-registered by TÜV Nord and is therefore approved as a medical device in Germany and the European Economic Area (EEA) according to § 9 MPG.

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  • Pointer Plus Point Finder and Trigger Points Stimulator

    Pointer Plus Pointer Plus Point Finder and Trigger Points Stimulator

    The Pointer Plus is a modern, convenient health device that gives you the benefits derived from a 4000 year old Chinese health science now called ELECTRO-ACUPRESSURE. The Pointer Plus is the newest and most advanced user-friendly handheld point finder and stimulator! It features a built-in, 0.35" x 1.0" LCD digital display for locating acupuncture and trigger points. The advanced, hand-held, 6.5" long Pointer Plus Excel device provides sensitive acupuncture or trigger point location and stimulation. Location and stimulation are independently adjusted with two separate dials to provide fast and effective relief from discomfort, pain, swelling, inflammation, tension and stress-related symptoms! The portable, battery-powered Pointer Plus is so handy you can use it anytime, anywhere! It's completely non-invasive and painless because the Pointer Plus simply tones or sedates the affected area! Electroacupuncture treatment is painless and effective pain relief is only 3-5 minutes away!The pulse rate of the Pointer Plus is fixed at 10 Hz. (Recognized in Japan and Germany as the most useful treatment frequency). The hand-held Pointer Plus provides sensitive acupuncture/trigger point localization and toning or sedation. A flashing light and sound indicate when a point is detected; spring-activated detection allows for steady pressure while searching, while the grounding circuit is established by holding the metal plate on the side of the device or with the hand grounding rod. Accessories :- Pointer Plus unit- Hand grounding pole- Two probes, diameter 2 mm and 4 mm- High capacity battery- User manual- ABS plastic carrying case Introduction:The Pointer Plus is a precise and easy-to-use handheld acupuncture or trigger pointer stimulator/locator that includes a push-button stimulation function: It can be used for immediate treatment of the point or area immediately after its detection. Point Plus Features:1. Advanced Spring Type Probe TipThe replaceable spring probe provides constant pressure on the area or points, providing better accuracy in finding the point location. It is important to note that any part of the body can be induced to produce a point location signal depending on the amount of pressure used during localization. Therefore, it is important to use the lightest and lowest possible pressure on the skin surface when localizing the trigger or acupuncture pointer. In addition, the movement of the probe while searching for the point should be smooth and graceful, always maintaining the same light, even and constant pressure until the correct point is found. The unique spring mechanism of the Pointer Plus probe also corrects for slight variations in applied pressure. 2. Interchangeable ProbesTwo different probes are provided for different applications. The larger probe can be used for larger areas or body points, while the small probe can be used for ear points or other smaller body points. 3. Sensitivity AdjustmentThe sensitivity of the point detection is adjustable. The "SEN" knob can be used to either increase (clockwise adjustment) or decrease (counterclockwise adjustment) the sensitivity for different skin conditions. 4. Hand Grounding Rod AccessoryThe patient must hold the hand grounding rod to create a complete electrical circuit. This accessory is easily attached or removed from the unit. (Note: This device can also be used without the grounding rod, but in this case the clinician must both touch the grounding plate of the device and hold the patient's bare skin with their hand to complete the circuit). The grounding pole is not required for self-application, provided the grounding plate of the device is contacted. 5.Instant point localization and treatmentThe button on the top of the device can be pressed to activate the stimulation mode. A continuous electrical pulse of 8 to 10 Hz is delivered through the probe, and the intensity can also be adjusted from 0 to 22 mA. The intensity is controlled by the intensity knob labeled "INT".Note: Stimulation for the Pointer Plus can be increased by lightly moistening the skin. PRECAUTIONS:Do not use this device for the conditions listed below:* Patients with pacemakers (unless approved by a physician)* Pregnant women (unless approved by a physician)* In the areas near or directly around the heart* Over recent scar tissue or new skin* Over abrasions or cuts

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  • Dermaroller incl. point finder

    Dermaroller incl. point finder

    Dermaroller including point finder made of stainless steel

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  • Doppelkopf Dermaroller aus Jade, 14.5 cm

    Doppelkopf Dermaroller aus Jade, 14.5 cm

    Jade wird als Stein der Reinigung bezeichnet. Eine Massage mit dem kühlenden Stein sollt die Durchblutung, Entschlackung u.a. fördern. Dieser Doppelroller aus Jade ist in Handarbeit gefertigt.Die beiden Rollen und der Griff sind aus qualitativ hochwertiger Jade.Die große Rolle ist geeignet für die Massage der Wangen, Kinn, Stirn und Halspartie und des Dekoltees, die kleine Rolle für die Region um die Augen. Maße: Länge ca. 14,50 cmRollenbreite groß: ca. 5 cmRollenbreite klein: ca. 3 cm

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  • HACI Five elements cupping set, 12 cupping heads

    HACI Five elements cupping set, 12 cupping heads

    HACI Five Elements Cupping Set large, 12 cupping heads HACI 5 elements cupping set is a combination of 5 different types of therapy: acupuncture, moxibustion, acupressure, magnetic treatment and medicinal osmosis. Stimulation of acupoints in this form seriously competes with traditional acupuncture, moxibustion and massage. Moreover, it can regulate the biological electromagnetic field, activate enzymes and strengthen the immune system. The HACI cupping set large contains six different bio-north (-) and six different bio-south (+) cups, with skin lotion to increase absorbency, in a convenient case.

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  • Cupping glass with rubber ball in 4 sizes, Karl Hecht (Germany) Cupping glass with rubber ball in 4 sizes, Karl Hecht (Germany)

    Cupping glass with rubber ball in 4 sizes, Karl Hecht (Germany)

    Cupping glass with rubber ball from Karl Hecht in 4 different sizes. Made in Germany- cupping glass with suction ball- CE certified, mouth blown- thin walled- sterilizable

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  • Silicone cupping set, 4 sizes, Ø 6 cm, 5 cm, 4 cm, 3 cm Silicone cupping set, 4 sizes, Ø 6 cm, 5 cm, 4 cm, 3 cm

    Silicone cupping set, 4 sizes, Ø 6 cm, 5 cm, 4 cm, 3 cm

    Modern silicone cupping set, elastic and bendable, with 4 cupping heads in 4 different sizes - ideal for uneven parts of the body such as elbows, knees and cervical spine. made of medical silicone, 4 different sizes with beautiful gift bag and booklet.Additionally you will receive free of charge a detailed application instruction (in English) and beautiful gift bag Based on traditional Chinese cupping therapy, these elastic cupping cups are made of highly transparent food grade silicone. This kind of silicone material is absolutely hygienic has good resistance to acids, alkalis, and high and low temperatures. The silicone cupping glasses are very easy to handle and absolutely safe to use. They can be used not only by specialists, but are suitable for the private home pharmacy for the treatment of muscle tension, tendon insertion and ligament irritation or for use against cellulite and lymphatic drainage. Other positive features: The cupping heads can be applied to most parts of the body by yourself without the help of another person. Since the suction surface of the cupping glasses is elastic, they can also be applied to uneven skin surfaces, to which classic glass cupping glasses do not hold or hold poorly. The suction force is strong and can be easily adjusted at any time without causing skin damage. The individual cupping glasses can also be reordered individually > please consult article D.110.0061. Application / Instructions: Moisten the suction surface a little or massage the pile with JojoSkin oil beforehand, whereby you achieve the optimal hold on the skin. The cupping glasses should not be applied to the skin for more than 10 minutes. They must be handled hygienically to avoid cross infection and they should not be used on the face. Contents: The silicone cupping set consists of 4 cupping heads with different diameters to have the right size available for every part of the body. The inner diameters are 60 mm (XL), 50 mm (L), 40 mm (M), 30 mm (S).

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  • Electroacupuncture device SDZ II for stimulation incl. adapter type model 2000 Electroacupuncture device SDZ II for stimulation incl. adapter type model 2000

    SDZ II Electroacupuncture device SDZ II for stimulation incl. adapter type model 2000

    Electroacupuncture device for stimulation incl. adapter type SDZ II. Also suitable for children and sensitive patients, by using reusable adhesive patches instead of acupuncture needles. Wide range of applications in the treatment of pain and paralysis symptoms, efficiently supports the effect of acupuncture needles. - Handy device with modern microcomputer- 6 outputs and 3 wave types with individually adjustable frequencies, intensity - 6 output sockets as well as an integrated timer help the therapist to realize an individual therapy. 1 adapter, 6 pairs of spare patches, 12 clamps and 6 cables are included- Detailed instruction manual in English/Chinese with picture boards and therapy instructions - CE standard guaranteed, 0123/TÜV certificate1 year warranty, - With its clear design and simple operation, the Hwa To acupuncture device is ideal for both beginners and experienced acupuncture therapists. This electroacupuncture device combines the latest electronic findings with the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The device uses low frequency pulses (frequency currents) to stimulate the acupuncture points. This improves blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, and has an analgesic effect and strengthens the body's defenses without causing side effects. - Frequency: 1 - 100 HZ- Power supply: 9 V or battery operation- Dimensions (L x W x H): 26 x 19 x 11 cm- Weight: 1 kg

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  • Replacement clamp for SDZ-II - 2 pcs.

    SDZ II Replacement clamp for SDZ-II - 2 pcs.

    Replacement clamps for electro-stimulation device SDZ-II 2 pcs. black/red

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  • Replacement patches for SDZ-II + SDZ-III

    SDZ II Replacement patches for SDZ-II + SDZ-III

    Replacement patches for electro-stimulation device SDZ-II + SDZ-III, 2 pcs.

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  • Hermes Light folding massage table, very light Hermes Light folding massage table, very light

    Hermes Light folding massage table, very light

    Hermes Light is a foldable massage table made of aluminum, which is characterized by its light weight (only 10 kg without accessories). Hermes Light massage table is the lightest table in the Falcon series, weighing only 10 kg (without accessories). It is made of solid, high-quality materials and features a unique plywood-free table top design that effectively eliminates creaking and provides even more comfort when lying on the table. In addition, the table features Fast-Lock height adjustment and soft-touch upholstery. This design makes working with patients much easier and more comfortable. The Hermes Light massage table is also equipped with guide rails to increase the stability of the headrest, as well as a double-sided locking system and mounting holes for the headrest. It is used in the practices of physiotherapists and masseurs, in wellness centers and also in beauty salons. Hermes Light is CE certified, registered as a medical device and comes with a 2-year warranty. It is available in an optimal table top width of 64 cm and in 2 colors: gray and blue. The soft touch upholstery - from which the table top is made - is made of a high quality PU material. The upholstery feels like natural leather - it is soft and at the same time very durable. So we can be sure that the table will work perfectly even with frequent use. The advantage of soft touch upholstery is its insensitivity to dirt. The color retains its intensity for a very long time. Aluminum constructionThe table is made of aluminum, which is characterized by high strength (despite its light weight). The main elements of the frame are connected by coated cables, which allow the table to be folded and unfolded quickly. The stability and strength of the table is ensured by carefully executed aluminum welds. Hermes Light is equipped with a Fast-Lock system that allows quick height adjustment.Details and table stability The table features a special leg profile with a unique U-shape, a 2-hinge system for the stainless steel tabletop, an ultra-light tabletop that ensures quiet operation, height adjustment and non-slip rubber feet that protect the floor from scratches. All these elements make the therapist's work extra comfortable.Comfort and aesthetic design The couch has a comfortable 5 cm thick table top with highly flexible foam for more softness. The rounded corners make it easier for the therapist to move around the table. The upholstery is extremely durable, easy to clean and features an embroidered Falcon logo.Mobility The portable massage table is foldable (in the shape of a suitcase) and easy to transport thanks to the handy carrying bag included. The couch is most notable for its light weight - making it a popular choice for mobile physical therapists and massage therapists. The rounded corners of the table increase mobility, especially when carrying it down stairs.The table is equipped with a front arm rest that allows better access to the patient's shoulders and lateral torso, and provides excellent support for the arms. The table also has a comfortable 2D adjustable bolster that allows for cervical spine adjustment (flexion, extension and protraction, retraction). Included in delivery: Hermes Light table headrest adjustable in two levels front shelf under the arms practical cover warranty card

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  • Double head Jade Derma Roller, PROFESSIONAL 16cm

    Double head Jade Derma Roller, PROFESSIONAL 16cm

    Double Head Jade Derma Roller, PROFESSIONAL

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  • Pointer Pulse - combination of acupuncture laser, TENS unit and point finder.

    POINTER PULSE Pointer Pulse - combination of acupuncture laser, TENS unit and point finder.

    Pointer Pulse - combination of acupuncture laser and TENS unit and an integrated point search function.The Pointer Pulse is the next generation of portable locator/stimulators! The Pointer Pulse is the first all-in-one device that combines laser therapy with electrical stimulation, allowing both treatment methods to be used simultaneously or separately.The device measures relative skin resistance at the treatment site using sound, as well as a green light indicator on the top of the device. The site sensitivity and sound level are adjustable. The devices enable the location of acupuncture points and their immediate treatment by laser (LLLT) or electrical stimulation (TENS).Effective stimulation, adjustable by a push button, enables immediate treatment. Based on the setting of the output selector switch, either a milliamp or microamp current output is produced (i.e., the blue zone on the dial is milliamps).Laser therapy is delivered using a 650 nm, 5 mW laser in the unit. Three treatment modes are available and can be selected via a toggle switch located between the grounding plate and the stimulation button: on (continuous laser beam), pulsed (10 Hz pulsed laser beam), and off (no laser beam). The unit is successfully in laser mode when the yellow indicator light on the top of the unit is on.With its ergonomic design and single grounding plate, this instrument can be operated with either the left or right hand. The probe tip is removable for easy cleaning. Accessories include a handheld grounding pole with cable attached, a 9-volt battery, a small screwdriver (for adjusting the sound level), a carrying case, and instructions. This device comes with a 1-year warranty. The sensitivity of the measurement (up to 500 ohms resistance) can be adjusted for point search. T.E.N.S. stimulation (2 45 mA / pulse 10 Hz) or laser stimulation (650 nm/5 mW) Spring loaded probe tips Technical product features: Power supply: 9V battery Size: 210 x 45 85 x 24 mm Weight: 100 g Laser stimulation: Wavelength: 650 nm Power: 5 mW Continuous beam (cw) T.E.N.S Stimulation: Output current: 2 45 mA Frequency response: 10Hz (variable) 20% Pulse width: 260 s (variable) 20% Scope of delivery:1 piece/VE, without battery

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